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Time for a New Project

Sep 2, 2015

I guess I shipped a few things at the end of the summer, but now it's time to find the next biggish thing. Will I be able to emerge from the inspirational doldrums?

It's an awkward time of the year. People with little ones are pushing them back toward school buses. The weather is doing something transitional. Vim held strong when entering the season faded into a mild flatness by the end of it.

A Quick Summer Retrospective

July and August were cerebral for me. I managed to ship my video about life and springtime, I read a dozen or so books, and, ultimately, coded this site from scratch, but I'm left feeling as if I have little of interest to show to anyone outside of my own head.

And Now for Something...Completely Different?

It's time for something new, something forward. I've been on a hobby moratorium for a few years, out of guilt for my languishing pre-existing ones, but maybe it's time to shrug off that mantle and get excited about something new. Any ideas?