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ME: I’ve got to update my site.

ME: ...I’ve really got to do something about my site.


ME: I need to put something new on my site.

ME: ...It is getting embarrassing.


ME: I gotta update dependencies so I can get my site to build again.


ME: I gotta re-architect a bunch of my site that I can update the dependencies to get it to build again.


ME: I gotta entirely re-implement most of my web site to make it build again with updated dependencies on a newer version of Node.js.

ME: ...A bunch of those dependencies don’t even exist anymore.

ME: ...I gotta make a new web site.

ME: Aw crap, I’m going to have to start from scratch.


MY HOSTING PROVIDER (NETLIFY): We are turning off support for your incredibly ancient version of Node.js in X weeks.

ME: (muffled noises of despair)

A WISE LITTLE BIRD (very much NOT ME): Why don’t you just curl-crawl your entire site and literally serve it as static HTML pages?

And lo, for the last several months of 2023, was basically the result of a Save As... operation: just HTML and CSS.

...But wait: how is that any different?

No one could even tell. Because I hadn’t said anything in so long.